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Rethink this transport fare thing, ladies. It cheapens you. Man Tells Advices Ladies



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Rethink this transport fare thing, ladies. It cheapens you.

Rethink this transport fare thing, ladies. It cheapens you.

The mere audacity of asking for transport fare as a proof of a man caring is sickening. Even the transport fare, some will overcalculate so they will have change. Any wonder when those kinds of ladies enter marriage, they will inflate prices of market things so that when hubby gives the money, they siphon the remainder.

Back in the days, ladies profiled men because of recharge card. Remember when if you don’t give a girl N1500 MTN recharge card that she scratches and loads, you don’t know what’s up, right?

I remember my friend was dating a lady and she grumbled that he sent her N400 airtime. I told my guy that if he doesn’t break the relationship, I’d break it myself.

Today, dude has a very nice job, relocated to the US, got married to another lady, and they’re doing well. The lady who grumbled is still single.

This isn’t about karma, and there may be other circumstances surrounding her being unmarried, but when I think of it, it could have been her in the USA now.

Rethink this transport fare thing, ladies. It cheapens you.

Let me bring my wife into the equation.

While dating ladies (I dated as many as 102), I observed them critically.

I started with myself and values. They were pointedly clear before me while I dated. One of them was never to get married to a lady who cheapened herself by always thinking the man had to pay for everything.

I had a job, but I watched my wife.

Never asked for transport money, though she was a student.
Asked to pay for meals when we hung out.
Bought me books because she knew I was a bookie.
Had stimulating conversations because she knows I’m a crazy and weird thinker.

I poked her severally with different forks to cut through her pretence, but found everything genuine.

Guess what? When I landed in Italy where I trained for a year, I didn’t hold back.


I bought in their numbers. The Italian ladies I used as mannequins to test the clothes asked if I was opening a boutique back in Nigeria. It made me smile.

Ladies, pay your transportation fare
Ladies, share restaurant bills.
Ladies, normalize giving.

Life is symbiotic.

Dump all those nonsensical ideologies of dependence as a yardstick for love.

Forget the stupidity of certain practices formed on selfishness, fear, depravity and patriarchy.

That’s why many relationships these days are so transactional like the guys who sell spare parts do. Enough fake Taiwan and Chinese spare parts in our relationships these days.


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