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People who got rich by mistake



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Becoming wealthy is the goal of many people in the world we live in. We look at the lives of many people and we compare them to the lives of celebrities and international presidents and lets not forget the successful business men on Forbes list .

People work very hard to become successful and wealthy ,that is the main goal of many people in the world. I mean have you ever heard any one say they wanna die poor ? yeah thought so. Believe it or not they are actually people who became wealthy by accident or many would say unintentionally .They are people who became rich just for being in the right place and at the right time. While other people have to work extremely hard to become wealthy .And they are other people who became wealthy through what they love using their talents and skills ,These people are Musicians , soccer plyers , actors e.t. c .

1. The Declaration Of INDEPENDENCE

Talk about luck being found in a garage ,an identified man was going through some old stuff during a yard sale by a name by garage .He came across a board that had some interesting writing and he decided to buy the old piece for 4 dollars. Taking the piece home he later on realized that the old board of writing was actually one of 24 original copies of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE that was supposed to be issued to every colony .The unidentified man from Adams Town Pennsylvania observed the authenticity of the board and paper and it was authentic indeed . The man sold the piece for a good fortune of two million four hundred and twenty thousand dollars .”Im thinking of going through a yard sale now ,who knows what I could find that could make me a great fortune ” .

2. google your way to wealth


a personal chef named Charlie Ayers was working for a company called Silicon valley .The chef had seven years of experience and he was making about eighty thousand dollars per year which is a good fortune for many people .He later heard that a small company was searching for a personal chef .Charlie Ayers decided to take the job which allowed him to make forty five thousand dollars per year which was far less than he made annually from his previous job .The small company was actually Google and he became the executive chef of Google. When he left the company in 2005 his stock options alone were worth twenty six million.

3. The imperial egg

an unidentified man bought a huge pile of scrap at a near by scrap yard for fourteen thousand dollars . Now when he was going through all the scrap he bought and then he came across a very shinny object .He tried to sell it to some buyers and they all turned him down .He went over to his computer and googled the word golden egg and the name engraved on it .To his surprise he discovered that the egg was actually the imperial egg made by Faberge for the Russian royal family back in 1887.Withou wasting time he flew to England checked its authenticity and it was worth over thirty million dollars.

4. Royal One

one lucky miner from Australia was going along doing his regular job .The miner found a big sparkling rare opal at the bottom of a bucket .The man decided to hold on to the the stone as a souvenir .14 years later the finally decide to show the stone to specialists and they discovered that it was a very rare black opal .its cost at an auction was worth three million dollars ,talk about luck at work .

5.joseph Morrah

Talk about becoming a millionaire by accident as in literally becoming a millionaire by accident .Joseph Morrah a 61 year old truck driver became a millionaire by accident when his wife forgot to get him a birthday present, for 31 years he had been working for the same supermarket and was just two hundred and twenty days away from retirement. His wife Debbie realised that she had forgotten to get her husband a father’s day gift , out of hasteyness she sent her daughter to the store to buy him a card at the last minute she later changed her mind and gave her daughter a $20 and asked her to buy a scratch off lottery ticket instead.When thier child came home it turned out that the lotto ticket was actually worth 1Million dollars and I bet you that Mr Morrah retired with asmile two hundred and twenty days earlier than he should have or anyone could have for seen.

6.Kevin loius

Who could have known that you could win a cool million dollars for free just for being called Kevin louis because that’s what shockingly transpired, Kevin Louis was shocked to hear his name called for a whooping million dollar prize from a competition he didnt even enter , he rushed to the stage took a picture with the extravagant cheque ftom the horse shoe casino cinnicinati with his name written bodly on it.After winning they verified that they had given the million dolllar prize to the wrong Kevin louis and they exclaimed the men who had claim the prize was not the actual winner shockingly the casino owned up to the mistake and rewareded both men with a million dollar prize each



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